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Our Pledge



Support and After Care

Those entrusting the funeral arrangements of a loved one to the experienced staff of Ferguson Funeral Homes will already be aware that the provision of those services has been administered with the utmost of care and attention to detail respecting your privacy and confidence.

Your family is important to us!

We at the Ferguson Funeral Homes are concerned about your ongoing well-being and will endeavour to assist you in any way that we are able. Several helpful books and pamphlets are always available at the funeral home relative to the grief experience and we have access to many more publications through our membership in the Ontario Funeral Service Association.

If requested or needed, we would be pleased to help you contact some of the organizations and resources which may be available to you in the community and which may be of assistance to you at this stressful time.

The experienced staff of the Ferguson Funeral Homes will assist you in the completion of much of the seemingly tedious paperwork that may be required during and following a death and funeral.

We will also assist you in the accessing of government forms which may be required to complete your work with the estate.

We’re here to assist you. Know that your privacy is respected and your confidence is appreciated.