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Support and After Care


Our Pledge


Our three licensed funeral directors are available to meet with you to discuss all aspects of prearranged and prepaid funerals or funeral arrangements at the time of need.  We offer a variety of arrangement options and provide packages which we would be pleased to discuss with you and provide an opportunity to answer your questions or concerns.

Funeral Preplanning

Prearrangement - Ensures that your family is aware of your wishes for your funeral arrangements. Meet with one of our licensed funeral directors to discuss your wishes and document those directions and instructions to your family. Prearrangements can be discussed in comfort and confidence either at the funeral home or in your home. This service is provided without cost or obligation.

Funeral Prepayment

Fully Prepaid - A Prearranged funeral, when paid in full, ensures that the price you pay today, with that money invested in trust on your behalf, will ensure that those services and merchandise which you have selected will be guaranteed and provided without further charge. Interest accruing in those funds held in trust is not currently subject to annual taxation while it remains in that trusted investment.

At Need Services

The following listing of services provides a brief overview of the many types of services we are able to offer you. As always, we would be pleased to meet with you to discuss your specific requirements.

Remember, any service you may select may be modified to reflect your express wishes and ensure that those services are personalized to reflect your personality. Many funerals are now truly celebrations of a life.

Ferguson Funeral Homes are also pleased to offer obituary cards or orders of services, complete with favourite photographs as may be provided by family members.

Upon request, and without cost or obligation, Packaged and Itemized price lists more fully describing our services, are available as is our current listing of caskets and urns.

Full Service with Visitation - Traditional Funeral
This service package, often referred to as the ‘Traditional Funeral’, provides families with opportunity for an afternoon and evening period of public visitation with a funeral service at the funeral home or alternate location such as a church and cortege to a local cemetery for burial.

This service includes professional staff services and support services to accommodate a full range of clerical services including the placing of notices and announcements, ordering and handling of donations and floral tributes, proof of death certifications, organist at funeral home, documentation including preparation and notification to Income Security Programs, local transfer of the deceased from place of death, embalming and preparation for casketing.

The basic facility fee also provides a premium stationery package including a funeral portfolio with memorial register, acknowledgment and bearer cards and envelopes, arrangement folder with assistive materials, use of the preparation room for care and sheltering of remains, funeral home for visitation and services or alternatively, transfer of deceased and funeral supplies to church or alternate facility for services.

Transportation provided in this package includes a lead or clergy car, bearer vehicle, service vehicle and a hearse or funeral coach.

Ferguson Funeral Homes also ensure that all usual disbursements are ordered and secured on behalf of the family utilizing this package offering.

Full Service with Single Visitation
This service offering provides for similar services as described in the ‘Full Service’ funeral excepting that some families require only one period of visitation which may be either in the afternoon or evening the day prior to the funeral service.

Costing of this ‘modified’ service package reflects those services not requested or required and families can be assured of the same high level of professional service expected and deserved.
As with all service packages, any services not requested or required, or services additional to those included in the respective package, will result in either a credit or itemized charge.

It is important to note that these packages encourage your personalization of services to be offered and provided.

Same Day Service and Visitation
This package provides similar professional services as required for those packages described above but allows full credit to the client family who determines that a visitation period, one hour prior to service on the same day, may satisfy the time required for public sharing prior to service.
Appropriate credits are offered in this package offering reflecting those services and facility charges which are provided by the funeral home.

Memorial Service
Families may determine that the presence of the casketed deceased is not in keeping with personal wishes or beliefs. On occasion, it may not be practicable to do so due to a death occurring at a great distance and cremation has been selected at that distant location or when a significant interval of time is required between the death and the anticipated date of service. As well, it may be the express desire of the family to have cremation occur prior to the conduct of the memorial service and an urn may be selected.
The memorial service is conducted in a manner similar to those services described above but may conclude with the transport of the ‘ashes’ to a local cemetery or return of those ‘ashes’ to the Executor and family for private disposition at a later date.
As always, Ferguson Funeral Homes will provide every assistance possible to ensure a meaningful service is conducted for the life to be celebrated and remembered.

Immediate Disposition
Ferguson Funeral Homes offers this lower cost package for those who do not wish or require a public or private funeral service.
When earth burial is selected a casket or container is required to be selected by the Executor or next of kin as may be applicable and this casket must be acceptable to the receiving cemetery for the purpose of interment.

Embalming is not included in this package and upon completion of initial preparation and the necessary documentation, the casketed remains will be transported to that local cemetery by funeral coach and the funeral director will be in attendance for the interment.

If cremation has been selected, and upon completion of the necessary documentation and selection of a suitable casket or container and minimal preparation of the deceased, transportation to a local crematorium will be completed.
When the cremation has been completed, Ferguson Funeral Homes will retrieve the cremated remains without further cost if this may be provided as a nonpriority return. Otherwise, a minimal charge for expedited return by the funeral home or a disbursement of priority return by Canada Post may apply.
Those cremated remains may be returned to the Executor or next of kin as applicable or may be transported to a cemetery for interment.

Graveside Service
Should a family determine that a service conducted at graveside, whether public or private, is sufficient to satisfy their need for a remembrance, memorial or funeral service, this service may be provided utilizing itemized pricing for those services requested. 
Similarly, should a family require a period of private visitation at the funeral home prior to any such service, this may be arranged by the funeral director although thought must be given to the dignified presentation of the deceased in a manner agreeable to the family.

Whatever services you might select, you can be assured that the Ferguson Funeral Homes will provide sincere service with the care, dignity and expertise required and deserved to fulfill the requested needs of all families served.

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