At a time of loss, it’s easy to become overwhelmed, both by your feelings and by the many important decisions you need to make in a short period of time. We understand your situation, and we’re ready to help you with care and compassion. We can answer your questions; provide resource material, information, and support; help you determine what needs to be done; and provide the expertise and resources to accomplish it.

Ferguson Funeral Home offers a complete and varied range of funeral related services so that you can envision and personalize a service or celebration of life to truly honour the memory of your loved one.

We can provide resource materials to help you with grief and bereavement. If you wish, we can direct you to qualified individuals, agencies and organizations you may wish to contact.

We’ll help you complete the extensive paperwork that may be required during and following a death and funeral. We’ll also help you access government forms which may be required to complete your work with the estate.

And we can provide payment options to ease your burden during this difficult time.

We’re here to assist you. Know that your privacy is respected and your confidence is appreciated.

We hope the list of services below helps you select those that best meet your personal needs.

Plan ahead to ensure your wishes are known

By prearranging your own funeral, you communicate your wishes and relieve family or friends of the task of making difficult decisions at an emotionally vulnerable time. Learn more.

Funeral Services/Celebrations of Life

Arranging a funeral for a loved one is an important responsibility, and it can seem daunting. We’re here to help you understand the options available to you, so you can personalize the arrangements to truly reflect the uniqueness of the life they honour. Our introduction to personalizing funeral arrangements will acquaint you with the available services, and we’re here to answer your questions.


Most people are familiar with the concept of burial, or “interment,” but may not be aware of the variety of options that are often available. Learn more.


Cremation is an alternative to earth burial or mausoleum entombment: it does not limit your
choice of funeral wishes in any significant manner. Should you choose cremation, you will still have
the same options for memorialization that any other family has. Learn more.

Cemetery property and memorials

In addition to funeral services and the choice of burial or cremation, cemetery property, or “interment rights,” is another consideration when you’re making final arrangements, either for yourself in advance, or for a loved one. Learn more.

Immediate disposition

There are times when the immediate final disposition of a loved one is required or requested for various personal reasons of a client family. We can help you with various options.

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