Immediate disposition

There are times when the immediate final disposition of a loved one is required or requested for various personal reasons of a client family.


Ferguson Funeral Home offers this lower cost alternative for those who do not wish or require a public or private funeral service or for whom such services are not practicable.

Often a memorial service may follow an immediate disposition either by burial or cremation as below. Ferguson Funeral Home is available to assist in the arranging of such services “after the fact” as may be determined at that later date.

When earth burial is selected, a casket is required to be selected by the Executor or next of kin as may be applicable and this casket must be acceptable to the receiving cemetery for the purpose of interment.

Embalming is not usually required or requested in this option as the interment is generally conducted as soon as practicable following the death. Upon completion of initial preparation and the necessary documentation, the casketed remains will be transported to the cemetery by funeral coach or transfer vehicle, and the funeral director will be in attendance for the interment. Identification of the deceased or a waiver of such may be required. No formal or public viewing is provided in this offering, although a private viewing prior to interment may be arranged in consultation with the funeral home if appropriate.

Requirements of this offering with the minimal documentation and professional services provided are reflected in a reduced cost to the client family or estate executor.


If cremation has been selected, and upon completion of the necessary documentation, minimal preparation of the deceased and selection of a suitable casket acceptable to the receiving crematorium, the deceased’s remains will be transported to a crematorium.

As with the burial option noted, identification and/or viewing options should be considered when selecting this service.

When the cremation has been completed, Ferguson Funeral Home will retrieve or receive the cremated remains. A minimal charge for an expedited return by the funeral home or a disbursement of priority return by Canada Post may be applicable, although seldom necessary. Those cremated remains may be returned to the Executor or next of kin as applicable or may be transported to a cemetery for final disposition.

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